Colorado Leaders, Interns and Mentors in Business (CLIMB) is an intensive paid summer internship program for students from Yale, Harvard, Stanford, Middlebury, Brown and MIT. The 30-40 students learn the business, professional, civic, and social offerings of the Denver area. CLIMB offers students challenging paid jobs, introductions to the community and its leaders, alumni mentorships, interesting events and group housing for the summer.

Local alumni volunteers of the universities and colleges collaborate in this effective educational initiative. The program showcases the region’s opportunities, leaders, and beautiful locations to student participants, and attracts talented graduates for permanent positions in the region.

In its first ten years, CLIMB has:

  • Recruited over 45 summer employers offering paid internship positions
  • Secured 260 students for internships, most of whom are not from the region originally
  • Attracted over 3,200 students as applicants
  • Had 15 CLIMB students accept full-time positions in Denver after graduation
  • Provided mentors and exciting events for the students.
  • Raised money from local alumni to support the group housing, in the heart of Denver’s dynamic downtown.

We welcome your support. Please explore the website and become involved.  You can contribute with a donation or as an employer, a mentor or by being a host for a summer event.
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A note for students

Applications will be accepted from all current students at Yale, Harvard, Stanford, Middlebury, Brown and MIT. For students who are interested in applying, please explore this site to understand the program elements and expectations. As soon as job descriptions are listed, you may apply.  Please note that new employers are listing their job descriptions each week.